Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Edward  lived in a poor village. He would often get laughed at and hit with rocks. He would have to suffer through the winter and the rain and storms that would happen. So one day he decided to move to another village to see if he belonged there so he could treated more nice in that village. He knew that there were more opportunities for jobs in the new village. As you can  there were a lot of reasons why he wanted to move to a new village.

Since he did not have a home to live he was on his way to the new village. On his way leaving he ran into the boys that threw  rocks and laughed at him all the time while he got rocks thrown at him. He was very happy he was going away from those boys and people that hated him. On his way going to the other village he was starting to get hungry and wanted some food but he does not have food so he sees a apple tree and sees apples he could eat. Now that he has his apples he now could continue his journey to the new village hoping he will be treated there better than his old village.

Now Edward has some seeds in his pocket so he could plant an apple tree in his new has. But the problem for him is that he has to find a house to live because he did not have a house back in his old village. Now he has to go around to ask other people if he could work and clean for them so he can live there as well. He now found himself a other girl that already had a house to live in. So he goes over there to go talk to her if he could work there as well but she sent him to another place up a hill and a it took a little bit of walking but he finally made it. He talk to the cook that worked there and he started right away his first job was to go feed the chicken and go get there eggs. Now that he was getting into the whole work thing he started to play army with the chickens and eggs. But he got a visit from the girl that showed him where he could go find a job and a place to live.

In the medieval times the only jobs people did were to fram help with the baby's and go get eggs from the checkins and wack around wheat  plants to get the seeds out of the wheat. And certain jobs had to be done at a certain time. The monotony of Medieval daily life during the Middle ages was alleviated by the various types of entertainment, festivals and holidays. The Medieval people of the Middle Ages shared a common life in the work of the fields, in the sports of the village green, and in the services of the parish church. They enjoyed many holidays; it has been estimated that, besides Sundays, about eight weeks in every year were free from work. Festivities at Christmas, Easter, and May Day, at the end of ploughing and the completion of harvest, relieved the monotony of the daily round of labor. The daily life of a peasant in the Middle ages was hard.  Medieval Serfs had to labor on the lord's land for two or three days each week, and at specially busy seasons, such as ploughing and harvesting. The people of the Middle Ages enjoyed to drink, and as water was often unclean, it was a necessity. The poor drank ale, mead or cider and the rich were able to drink many different types of wines. The French produced the first Recipe books. In 1306 ‘The Little Treatise’ was written. The first English cookery book  was written in 1390 called 'The Forme of Cury' which consisted of nearly 200 recipes 196 recipes contributed by the Royal cooks. Facts and information about the different types of foods eaten during the Middle Ages Medieval period including the meat, fruit, fish and bread. The history of Medieval fashion, costumes and dress provides details of the Sumptuary Laws and an overview of Medieval fashion through the ages of the period. The Sumptuary Laws distinguished seven social categories and made members of each class easily distinguished by their clothing. There were strict laws on what people could wear, regardless of their wealth. The materials and colors were included in these laws as were strict rules on the types of fur a man or woman could wear. A history of clothing is detailed in a timeline charting the history of fashion through the Medieval era of the Middle Ages. An overview of the major changes in dress and clothing are detailed in the link to Medieval fashion.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Big Nate is a other good book and a series its like the book series DIARY OF A WIMPY KID. There is Nate he is always getting into trouble in school and at home he hates his teacher she does not like him and he does not like her the always are having the diffident sides of agreements in class the office the halls u name it if they see each other some were will u have to pray for them not to involve u in there agreements. Now let's get to the outside school part Nate and his freeness like to go have fun a lot like a lot they always find ways to have fun were they are at the house the doctor u name it. There are also selling chocolates for there jobs.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015


greg is always getting into trouble from his parents because of his parents and brother. they always blame it on greg because he is the one that always gets in trouble. The reason because he is getting in trouble is because he is the one That always is getting in to trouble at school and he is always called to the principles office for reasons that he does in class or the halls with his friends. Greg had his friend Rowley are always in good behaved when they are with each other cuz Greg cares about Rowley and he does not want to lose him Rowley is like a big pice of Gregs life and he does not want to lose that in his life.

Monday, October 26, 2015

greg is having truble for the first time in is team for swimming there are making fun of him about what he is wearing a know some of my friends have been made fun of just because what he was wearing. one of the funny parts of the book is that his team are the ones that make a fool of them self  of what there wearing. this one the best books i have ever read and i love the movies they made. his family is one of these families that always find ways to make each other laugh and show love in there family they live each other no matter how much they fight of disagree. there little brother manny is a pain in the bout for greg  ever thing manny does wrong he plains it all on greg he is always getting in trouble because of manny. 

Friday, October 23, 2015

funny books

Im enjoying the book Diary of a wimpy kid its a really funny book I recommend this book to any kid they should go read this book with there families and have a good time reading together. This is also a movie there are a few movies that are on dvd. the reason

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

the death

The reason Dally's death was sadder was because he got shot from the police and that's what he wanted because. He wanted to die because his favorite person died  it was Johnny he was the only one that loved johnny Dally acted like Johnny was like a brother to him because johnny's parents would always hit johnny and would always get jumped by the socs. Ponyboy knew that Dally wanted to die because he cared about johnny so much he gave up his life to be with johnny somewhere else to be happy and to never leave his side and sight.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Diary of a wimpy kid

Greg has to live now with his uncle because his uncle lost all of his money he does not know how to keep track of his money and how to spend it. And he wants money from Greg's dad and his dad does not want to give his brother money because he does not pay you money back because he does not know how to give you the money back that you gave him. I enjoy this books because they always have to add funny pictures and words and they always have problems with many there little brother and money and waking up early to go to work and school.